Roller chains with attachments

ELITE offers a wide range of roller chain products that fulfil the requirements of a variety of conveyor applications. We can supply virtually any special chain version – even the most difficult and complex design – for use in highly diverse application areas. ELITE also provides Rapid Service – priority production and express
delivery – for selected special chains.
The ELITE Rapid Service Concept
Our production site in Wilnsdorf can now custom-build a large number of specialised chain versions quickly and efficiently in response to specific customer requirements:
• We stock not only bent attachment plates in ELITE standard dimensions, but also in a variety of market standard
• Bent attachment plates for chains made to standard ISO 606 available from stock
• Coated or stainless steel attachment versions can be supplied on request
• Roller chains with extended pins can be fitted independently of pin cycle
• Standard sprockets can be used
• Guaranteed rapid delivery service
ELITE highlights:
• All ELITE chain plates 1 are tapered and shot-blasted; production processes such as fine blanking and ball-drifting
ensure a particularly high contact ratio
• Seamless, cold-extruded, shot-blasted rollers 2 with extremely regular wall thickness
• Wide product range of bent and flat attachment plates and versions 3 with extended pins available
• Use of standard components keeps production costs low
• Large range of standard sprockets with high availability

Roller chains with attachments Roller chains with vulcanised elastomer profiles Roller chains with sawtooth plates
Roller chains with extended pins Bent attachments for roller chains Straight attachments for roller chains ANSI-Simplex ANSI-Duplex
06B-1 06B - K1 06B - M1 08B-G1 08B-G1F6 08B-G2 TLK08B-1 TLK120-1 TLK120-2
08B-1 08B - K1 08B - K2 08B - M1 08B - M2 10B-G1 08B-G1F9 10B-G2 TLK12B-1
10B-1 10B - K1 10B - K2 10B - M1 10B - M2 12B-G1 08B-G1F8 12B-G2 TLK16B-1
12B-1 12B - K1 12B - K2 12B - M1 12B - M2 16A-G1 16B-G1F1 08-BG2F2 TLK20B-1
16B-1 16B - K1 16B - K2 16B - M1 16B - M2 C20B-G1 16B-G1 12B-G2F5 TLK16B-2
20B - K1 20B - K2 20B - M1 20B - M2 24B-G1 16B-G2 12B-G2F6
24B - K1 24B - K2