Double pitch roller chains

Double pitch chains are based on the single pitch chains constructed according to ISO 606; except for the pitch, they meet the same standard specifications with respect to their dimensions. As opposed to short pitch chains constructed to standard ISO 606, these chains are intended for use in conditions in which demands on speed and power transmission are lower.
The principle difference being that the plates of double pitch roller chains – as the name implies – are twice the length of the plates fitted to standard roller chains.
In addition to the above, chains from the range constructed to the American Standard include versions with normal plate thickness or thicker plates, as well as variants with smaller or larger rollers. double pitch hollow pin roller chains are normally only available in a version with straight plates as a bush or roller chain. One of the main advantages here is that the longer pitch allows transport rollers to be fitted, which in many applications significantly reduces
friction and tensile forces within the chain.
ELITE highlights:
• Wide range of products
• Dimensions according to DIN ISO 1275
• Versions with small rollers and transport rollers available
• All ELITE chain plates 1 are manufactured using processes
such as fine blanking and ball-drifting, so a particularly high
contact ratio is guaranteed.
• Solid, case hardened rollers 2 with good wear resistance
• ELITE pins 3 are smooth and have an extra hard surface for
Double pitch roller chains– Straight side plates Double pitch hollow pin bushing chains Double pitch hollow pin roller chains
BS ANSI Standard Heavy Standard Heavy
208B A2040 C2040 C2060H C2042 C2062H C2040HP C2042HP
210B A2050 C2050 C2080H C2052 C2082H C2050HP C2052HP
212B A2060 C2060 C2100H C2062 C2102H C2060HP C2062HP
216B C2080 C2120H C2082 C2122H C2080HP C2082HP
220B C2042H-HP
224B C2052H-HP