Hollow pin chains

Many ELITE hollow pin chains are constructed to the dimensions
of standard ISO 606. Since customer requirements are so diverse,
the ELITE product range has also been adapted to include various
versions of this chain type:
• Hollow pin roller chains
• Hollow pin bush chains
• Bushless hollow pin roller chains
ELITE highlights:
• Available based on the same chains manufactured to ISO 606
or as special chains
• All ELITE chain plates 1 are manufactured using processes
such as fine blanking and ball-drifting, so a particularly high
contact ratio is guaranteed.
• Solid, case hardened rollers 2 with good wear resistance
• In general, hollow pins 3 made of seamless precision steel
tube for improved precision and wear resistance
• Many of these chains are supplied pair-matched to ensure
exact parallel running, one of the main requirements that these
chains must fulfil.
Industries and applications:
• Conveyor technology
• Food industry
• Bakery industry
• Chip conveyor technology
• Wire technology
• … and much more besides
Additional ELITE benefits:
• Corrosion-resistant chain versions available (zinc-plated,
nickel-plated, stainless steel)
• Additional variants with enlarged bush inner diameter or
transport rollers available on request
• Can also be supplied as double pitch hollow pin chains or
hollow pin bush conveyor chain. Please refer to chapter
“Double Pitch Roller Chains”
Hollow pin roller chains Hollow pin bushing chains Hollow pin roller chains without bushes
Form A Form B BS - Simplex ANSI - Simplex BS - Simplex ANSI - Simplex
10BHB HB38,1 08BHP 40HP 08BHPF1 50HPF1
12BHB HB38,1F1 50HP 10BHPF1 60HPF2
16BHBF1 HB50,8 60HP 10BHPF2 60HPF3
60HB HB63 60HPF 12BHPF1