Accumulation chains

iwis supplies a wide range of top-quality accumulation chains.
Accumulation chains are used for conveying goods on lines that
stop and start intermittently while the chain continues to run. The
external rollers on one side of the chain mesh with the sprocket
teeth to transmit drive power; on the other side they support the
chain in the guide profile.
ELITE highlights:
• In order to prolong their service life and guarantee smooth running,
ELITE accumulation chains are treated with a special highviscosity,
high-adhesion chain oil before leaving our factory.
The special application process ensures that only a thin film
of oil remains on the outside of the chain.
• ELITE chain plates 1 with optimum geometry are precisionformed
and heat-treated.
• ELITE pins 2 are smooth and have an extra hard surface for
increased wear resistance
• Choice of hardened steel or plastic transport rollers 3
• Plastic transport rollers are generally usually using the
material Vestamid.
• Double Speed chains – twice the conveying speed due to
transport rollers turning on chain guides
Industries and applications:
• Feeding and automation technology
• Warehousing
• Conveyor and material flow technology
• Medical equipment
• Electronics industry and circuit board manufacture
• … and much more besides
Product range:
• Standard accumulation chains
• Accumulation chains with finger protection
• Double Speed chains
Additional ELITE benefits:
• We also design complex solutions for integrated
complete systems
• Suitable chain sprockets also available on request
• We also offer optional accessories and chain tools
Accumulation chains Accumulation chains with finger and parts protection Double speed chains
ES1-1-27-S16 EST1-1-27-K16 C2030W*
ES1-1-27-K16 EST1-1-27-S16 C2040W
WA1-1-27-S16 EST2-1-43-K26 C2050W
WA1-1-27-K16 EST2-1-43-S26 C2060HW
ES2-1-40-S28 C2080W