Leaf chains

ELITE leaf chains are used wherever loads must be lifted, hoisted
or pulled and high fatigue strength is crucial to function and safety.
The most common use of ELITE leaf chains is In forklift truck masts,
but they are also used as counterbalance chains in machine tools ,
as draw bench chains or in container pallet jacks.
Unlike roller chains, leaf chains have very high fatigue strength
since they consist only of pins and plates. High fatigue
strength is gained at the expense of wear resistance, because leaf
chains do not have the classic pin and bush bearings common to
other chains.
Classification of leaf chains
Leaf chains can be classified synonymously according to standard
ISO 4347. Leaf chains from the LH series correspond with the BL
series, and LL series chains are commonly referred to as F series.
This is a result of the harmonisation of American and European
standards and language conventions in a single unified standard.
Leaf chains with the prefix “LH” [ “BL”] are based on the ANSI chain
series according to ISO 606, leaf chains with the prefix “LL” [F]
correspond with the British Standard series according to ISO 606.
The prefix is followed by a four-digit number whose first two digits
represent the chain pitch. Dividing of the latter by 16 gives the
chain pitch in inches. The last two digits denote the plate configuration
(number of plates in outer and inner link).
The same principle applies to the American “BL” chain classification,
except that the chain pitch in inches is obtained by dividing
the first digit (pitches up to 1.0 inch) or the first two digits (for
pitches of 1.25 inches or more) by eight rather than 16. In the case
of series “LL” [F] chains, the first two digits are rounded up to the
next full inch to obtain the pitch figure.
ELITE highlights:
• ELITE chain plates 1 with optimum geometry are precisionformed
and heat-treated. The tapered and shot-blasted chain
plates also have particularly high contact ratios.
• ELITE pins 2 are smooth and have an extra hard surface for
Leaf chains heavy series BL Leaf chains light series LL Pear drop end links for Leaf chains Leaf chains AL series Special leaf chains with tube guides for forklifts
LH0822  BL422  LH2046  BL1046  LL0822  LL3222  LL0822  LL2422  AL322  Typ F2544 KS 105 / *LL1644F1
LH0823  BL423  LH2066  BL1066  LL0844  LL3244  LL0844  LL2444  AL344  Typ F2566 KS 106 / *LL1666F1
LH0834  BL434  LH2088  BL1088  LL0866  LL3266  LL0866  LL2466  AL422  Typ 1966 KS / *1966F1
LH0844  BL444  LH2422  BL1222  LL0888  LL3288  LL1022  LL2488  AL444  Typ LL1644 KS / *LL1644F2
LH0846  BL446  LH2423  BL1223  LL1022  LL4022  LL1044  LL2822  AL466  Typ BL633 KS / *BL623F3
LH0866  BL466  LH2434  BL1234  LL1044  LL4044  LL1066  LL2844  AL522  Typ BL844 LKS / *BL844F5
LH0888  BL488  LH2444  BL1244  LL1066  LL4066  LL1088  LL2866  AL534  Typ BL866 KS 102 / *BL866F7
LH1022  BL522  LH2446  BL1246  LL1088  LL4088  LL 1222  LL2888  AL544  Typ BL 844 KS 109 / *BL 844 F6
LH1023  BL523  LH2466  BL1266  LL1222  LL4822  LL1244  LL3222  AL566  Typ BL 844 KS 116 / *BL 844 F7
LH1034  BL534  LH2488  BL1288  LL1244  LL4844  LL1266  LL3244  AL622  Typ BL 888 KS / *BL 888 F3
LH1044  BL544  LH2822  BL1422  LL1266  LL4866  LL1622  LL3266  AL644  Typ BL866 KS104 / *BL 866F1
LH1046  BL546  LH2823  BL1423  LL1288  LL4888  LL1644  LL3288  AL666  Typ BL866 KS 111 / *BL 866F6
LH1066  BL566  LH2834  BL1434  LL1622    LL1666  LL4022  AL688  Typ LL2088 KS / *LL2088F5
LH1088  BL588  LH2844  BL1444  LL1644    LL1688  LL4044  AL822   
LH1222  BL622  LH2846  BL1446  LL1666    LL2022  LL4066  AL844   
LH1223  BL623  LH2866  BL1466  LL1688    LL2044  LL4088  AL866   
LH1234  BL634  LH2888  BL1488  LL2022    LL2066  AL1022   
LH1244  BL644  LH3222  BL1622  LL2044    LL2088  AL1044   
LH1246  BL646  LH3223  BL1623  LL2066    AL1066   
LH1266  BL666  LH3234  BL1634  LL2088    AL1088   
LH1288  BL688  LH3244  BL1644  LL2422    AL1222   
LH1622  BL822  LH3246  BL1646  LL2444    AL1244   
LH1623  BL823  LH3266  BL1666  LL2466    AL1266   
LH1634  BL834  LH3288  BL1688  LL2488    AL1288   
LH1644  BL844  LH4022  BL2022  LL2822      AL1444   
LH1646  BL846  LH4023  BL2023  LL2844    AL1466   
LH1666  BL866  LH4034  BL2034  LL2866    AL1644   
LH1688  BL888  LH4044  BL2044  LL2888    AL1666   
LH2022  BL1022  LH4046  BL2046    AL1688   
LH2023  BL1023  LH4066  BL2066   
LH2034  BL1034  LH4088  BL2088   
LH2044  BL1044