Conveyor chains

In the context of the ELITE conveyor chain range, iwis supplies
a wide variety of chains according to standards DIN 8165 and
DIN 8167, as well as models manufactured according to British
Standard with dimensions in inches, and highly diverse special
versions. Bush conveyor chains are often used for conveying tasks
involving long transport distances at relatively low speeds. We recommend
iwis Rotary Chains for “heavy-duty” applications. Rotary
chains are fitted with cranked links, which gives them greater elasticity
and the ability to withstand shock loads.
Since only a small minority of chains used in the industry are totally
compliant with one specific standard, ELITE conveyor chains are
custom-made to a specific customer order and consequently fulfil
a large number of special requirements.
ELITE highlights:
• Pins 1 usually made of heat-treated alloy steel, inductionhardened
• Bushes 2 made from seamless precision steel tube, case-hardened
• Heat-treated steel link plates 3
• Rollers 4 (where present) made of case-hardened steel,
Industries and applications:
• Wood processing
• Steelmaking industry
• Automotive industry
• Bulk goods transport
• Recycling industry
• … and much more besides
Product range:
• Bush conveyor chains according to DIN 8167 – M Series
• Carrier chains with rollers according to DIN 8167 – MT Series
• Hollow pin chains according to DIN 8168 – MC Series
• Hollow pin chains according to DIN 8165 – FVC Series
• Scraper chains according to DIN 8165/DIN 8167
• Conveyor chains for the paper industry
• Rotary chains
Bush conveyor chains– M series Bush conveyor chains-FV series Roller deep link chains– MT series Roller deep link chains-FV series Hollow pin conveyor chains– MC series Hollow pin conveyor chains– FVC series Scraper conveyor chains Conveyor chains for the paper industry
M20  FV40  MT20  FVT40  MC28  FVC 63  MR Serie / DIN 8167 FVR Serie / DIN 8165 63PF1* 
M28  FV63  MT28  FVT63  MC56  FVC 90  MR 56  FVR 40  63PF2 
M40  FV90  MT40  FVT90  MC112  FVC 112  MR 80  FVR 63  63PF3 
M56  FV112  MT56  FVT112  MC224  FVC 140  MR 112  FVR 90 
M80  FV140  MT80  FVT140    FVC 180  MR 160  FVR 112 
M112  FV180  MT112  FVT180    FVC 250  MR 224  FVR 140 
M160  FV250  MT160  FVT250    FVC 315  MR 315  FVR 180 
M224  FV315  MT224  FVT315    FVR 250 
M315    MT315   
M450    MT450