Chain tools and chain pullers

The new stationary and universal chain tool
for professional use. A hydraulic pump supports
the breaking of roller chains and leaf
chains with a pitch from 1/2" up to 2". The
Alcatraz ® tool is a professional benchmounted
chain breaker for chain sizes from
1/2” up to 2”. Its robust design incorporates
a self-contained hydraulic pump and lever
to ensure ultimate pressure and smooth

breaking action throughout its lifetime.

iwis tools are very handy for the workshop
as they make it easy to cut roller chains
made to DIN 8187/8188 and to our works
standard in different lengths.
This chain breaker can be clamped in a vice
or screwed onto a workbench. Position it
at the front edge of the bench to provide
enough space for the lever to swing down
fully. Surfaces to rest the chain to the left
and right will make it easier to handle long
The rotating head holds five sets of ejector
tools, each of which is marked with the
respective size of chain. If set correctly, both
chains with shouldered and chains with
straight pins can be broken.
The following chain sizes can be cut in
lengths by the JWIS Chain breaker:
• 06B to 12B
• 08A to 12A

 Typ CT 25-120

  Simple breaking tools for roller chains in
  solid quality to use on site. For LL/AL leaf
  chains suitable only to a limited extent.
   Available for roller chains with a pitch from
   6,35 mm up to 1 1/2"

The chain is clamped between the extractor
jaws and the pins are then pressed out one
by one by rotating the extractor handle.

iwis chain pullers facilitate the insertion of
connecting links into open roller chains.
Turning the screws pulls the open ends of
the chain towards each other so that the
connecting link can be fitted. Quick and

Regular maintenance and lubrication are essential to ensure low
wear and a long service life for a chain drive. Sufficient and effective
lubrication can dramatically improve the lifespan of a chain.
The maintenance and lubrication frequency of the chain drive
are determined by the operating conditions of the system. The
selection of the correct lubricant and the appropriate method of
lubrication guarantee good reduction of wear, sufficient protection
from corrosion and optional damping characteristics.