High-performance roller chains for every application

 ELITE-roller chains are famous for their high wear resistance and a significantly higher fatigue strength than the  relevant standard requires. All ELITE transmission roller chains are highly prestretched
 and treated with our high-tech initial lubricant eliDUR, a special additive chain oil, before delivery to the customer.
      • All roller chains fulfill at least the minimum requirements of ISO 606 (DIN 8187/8188)

• Treatment with eliDUR initial lubricant ensures extremely high wear resistance

• As a rule, all our roller chains are pre-stretched with >40% of standard breaking strength

• ELITE chain plates 1 with optimum geometry are precisionformed and heat-treated. The tapered and shot-  blasted chain plates also have particularly high contact ratios.

• ELITE pins 2 are smooth and have an extra hard surface for increased wear resistance

• ELITE bushes 3 are absolutely cylindrical and either seamless or wound, depending on the intended application.
      • ELITE uses seamless rollers 4 made of cold-extrusion steel with a specially treated surface.
      • Heat-treated and case hardened steel alloys are used for all chain components
      • Heat treatment of all chain parts is optimized for size and application
      • Operational temperature range: -5 °C to +120 °C

H- and HV-series:

ANSI chains are available for applications with extremely high loads, as well as specially strengthened versions of chains manufactured to  the European standard. Roller chains in our H and HV series have
 the same dimensions as the corresponding ANSI chains, but with plates as thick as those of the next larger size of chain.
     • As a rule, H-series chains are made with the same pin materials as standard roller chains. However, they have a significant advantage over  standard chains: despite their increased wear resistance and greater tensile strength, this does not have any significant effect on their breaking  strength.
     • HV-series chains are fitted with special case-hardened steel alloy pins, giving the chains not only increased tensile strength, but also  extremely high breaking strength values.

BS-Simplex: 04B-1 05B-1 06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1 20B-1 24B-1 28B-1 32B-1 40B-1 48B-1 56B-1 64B-1 72B-1

BS-Duplex:  04B-2 05B-2 06B-2 08B-2 10B-2 12B-2 16B-2 20B-2 24B-2 28B-2 32B-2 40B-2 48B-2 56B-2 64B-2 72B-2

BS-Triplex:  05B-3 06B-3 08B-3 10B-3 12B-3 16B-3 20B-3 24B-3 28B-3 32B-3 40B-3 48B-3 56B-3 64B-3 72B-3

ANSI-Simplex: 25 35 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 240

      ANSI-Duplex:  25-2 35-2 40-2 50-2 60-2 80-2 100-2 120-2 140-2 160-2 180-2 200-2 240-2

ANSI-Triplex:  25-3 35-3 40-3 50-3 60-3 80-3 100-3 120-3 140-3 160-3 180-3 200-3 240-3

 Heavy series H  

      ANSI-H-Simplex: 40H 50H 60H 80H 100H 120H 140H 160H 180H 200H 240H

      ANSI-H-Duplex: 60-2H 80-2H 100-2H 120-2H

Heavy series HV

      ANSI-HV-Simplex: 50HV 60HV 80HV 100HV 120HV 140HV

Straight side plates    


BS-Simplex BS-Duplex BS-Triplex ANSI-Simplex ANSI-Duplex ANSI-Triplex
GL08B-1 GL08B-2 GL08B-3 GL35-1
GL10B-1 GL10B-2 GL10B-3 GL40-1 GL40-2 GL40-3
GL12B-1 GL12B-2 GL12B-3 GL50-1 GL50-2 GL50-3
GL16B-1 GL16B-2 GL16B-3 GL60-1 GL60-2 GL60-3
GL20B-1 GL20B-2 GL20B-3 GL80-1 GL80-2 GL80-3
GL24B-1 GL100-1 GL100-2
Side bow chains

BS-Simplex ANSI-Simplex
08BSB 40SB
10BSB 50SB
12BSB 60SB
Roller chain according to ELITE standard

081 083 084 085 415 415H 423 420 428H 520 12BH 12BV 229 305 16BH 24BH