Corrosion resistant and maintenance free chains

ELITE roller chains are available in nickel and zinc-plated versions or made of stainless steel. Since all versions belong to our standard range, they are available from stock. Corrosion-resistant chains with other coatings can also be supplied on request. For instance, iwis can meet specific customer demands by combining different coatings, which guarantees high wear resistance coupled with excellent corrosion protection for attachments.
Industries and applications:
• Food and beverage industry
• Packaging industry
• Cleaning and washing technology
• Solar power and energy technology
• … and much more besides
ELITE stainless steel chains
Stainless steel chains are used mainly in the food and beverage industry or for applications in which chains require regular cleaning.
The materials used in ELITE chains enable them to be used in acidic or alkaline environments. Always ensure that the chemicals
in cleaning agents used are compatible with stainless steel material number 1.4301. Stainless steel chains are approximately one-third as strong as comparable standard ELITE chains.
Product highlights:
• The dimensions of all ELITE stainless steel chains comply with the requirements of ISO 606 and the chains are interchangeable with standard chains.
• Material for all chain components is 1.4301 / AISI 304
• All ELITE stainless steel chains are prestretched to 30% of breaking load.
• All chain plates  are tapered
• Chains are fitted with seamless rollers 
• ELITE stainless steel chains feature cold-hardened pins  and bushes, so they offer better wear resistance than other
standard chains on the market.
• Stainless steel chains do not lose performance as quickly as standard chains at high ambient temperatures.

• Depending on their size, stainless steel chains are supplied lightly oiled or dry.

Stainless steel roller chains Roller chains   maintenance free roller chains  
Straight side plates  zinc-plated series  nickel-plated series maintenance free roller chains (with sinter bushes) maintenance free roller chains with straight side plates
BS-Simplex BS-Duplex BS-Triplex ANSI-Simplex ANSI-Duplex BS-Simplex BS-Duplex BS-Simplex ANSI-Simplex BS-Simplex ANSI-Simplex BS-Simplex BS-Duplex BS-Simplex BS-Duplex
04B-1SS 25SS GL08B-1SS GL08B-2SS GL08B-1ZP 40ZP 06B-1NP 40NP 06B-1EVP 06B-2EVP GL06B-1EVP GL06B-2EVP
05B-1SS 35SS GL10B-1SS GL10B-2SS GL10B-1ZP 50ZP 08B-1NP 50NP 08B-1EVP 08B-2EVP GL08B-1EVP GL08B-2EVP
06B-1SS 06B-2SS 06B-3SS 40SS 40-2SS GL12B-1SS GL12B-2SS GL12B-1ZP 60ZP 10B-1NP 60NP 10B-1EVP 10B-2EVP GL10B-1EVP GL10B-2EVP
08B-1SS 08B-2SS 08B-3SS 50SS 50-2SS GL16B-1SS GL16B-2SS GL16B-1ZP 80ZP 12B-1NP 80NP 12B-1EVP 12B-2EVP GL12B-1EVP GL12B-2EVP
10B-1SS 10B-2SS 10B-3SS 60SS 60-2SS GL20B-1SS GL20B-2SS GL20B-1ZP 100ZP 16B-1NP 100NP 16B-1EVP 16B-2EVP GL16B-1EVP GL16B-2EVP
12B-1SS 12B-2SS 12B-3SS GL24B-1SS GL24B-1ZP 120ZP 20B-1NP 120NP
16B-1SS 16B-2SS GL28B-1SS 24B-1NP
20B-1SS 20B-2SS GL32B-1SS
24B-1SS 24B-2SS